Women’s Auxiliary

A fun group of committed ladies who know how to throw a good party!

In the spirit of honoring those who have lived long lives, the Women’s Auxiliary of Seacrest Foundation has been led by a mission to nurture and enrich the quality of life of the elderly residents of Seacrest Village Retirement Communities.

The Women’s Auxiliary of Seacrest Foundation is made up of a group of dedicated women who work hard to achieve this mission, and have a lot of fun along the way! They make a meaningful impact on the lives of the residents of Seacrest Village in a spirited and friendly environment, by volunteering their time to coordinate large-scale fundraising events that bring the community together to support important programs and create lasting memories. As you walk through Seacrest Village, you can’t help but notice the impact these women have made: The recently refurbished Joseph & Dorothy Goldberg Healthcare Center, the Torah and prayer books that all add comfort, and the vans and mini-buses that help our residents get to where they need to be. The Auxiliary has also assisted in the Homes’ expansion of The Leichtag Foundation Campus at Encinitas and in purchasing new state-of-the-art beds for the Joseph & Dorothy Goldberg Healthcare Center. Most recently the Women’s Auxiliary made possible the implementation of Seacrest Village TV (SVTV), which live-streams services in the Chodorow Synagogue right to our most frail residents in their own homes Over the past 40 years, many hundreds of thousands of dollars have been raised through their efforts and Women’s Auxiliary members take pride in knowing that these funds have been used for these important projects as well as for the Resident Assistance Fund.  This critical fund provides support to those whose savings have been depleted due to illness or injury and for those who simply have no one to turn to for help.

You are invited to join a devoted group of San Diegans as a committee member of The Women’s Auxiliary. Annual Membership fees, which are 100% tax deductible, are $50. Lifetime Memberships are $1,800.


July 2019 – June 2020 Members


Mary Epsten,

Ellen Addleson*
Sherri Adler
Susan Arenson
Esther Belinsky*
Linda Bennett
Roberta Berman
Hildegarde Beyor*
Mary Bologna
Janice Boner
Irene Borevitz*
Deborah Brenner
Elaine Chortek*
Suzi Cohen
Toby Cohen*
Avrille Copans
Berna Dolinka

Norma Dreifuss
Byrne Eger
Linda Epstein
Mary Epsten*
Susan Fieldman
Donna Gilbert*
Hanna Gleiberman*
Jeanne Gold*
Rory Goldberg
Louise Goldwyn
Beverlee Greene
Susan Kabakoff*
Alyse Kirschen
Susan La Padula
Renée Levine*
Jill Mendlen

Linda Otchis
Shirley Pidgeon*
Theodora Lewis Pincus*
Lois Richmond
Arlene Rosen*
Mary Ann Scher*
Angela Steinberg*
Denise Selati
Jill Stone
Marilyn Johns**
Carol Swimmer*
Sandy Weinstein*
Marilyn Weiss
Lee Weiss
Marcia Wolochow
Sandy Zemer*
Bebe Zigman*

*Lifetime Member
**Of blessed memory

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