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Legacy of Promise

Honor the ones who came before you, leave a legacy for the ones who come after you.

We thank our generous Legacy of Promise Donors who have named Seacrest Foundation in their estate plan.

Read the legacy story of

Mary Lynn & Larry Weitzen

Read the legacy story of

Marguerite and Allan Morris

Read the legacy story of

Marcia Kern and Marty Stern

Ellen and Ernest Addleson
Judith Abeles and Beverly Miller
Francine and Marvin Agron
Bess and Harry Agulnik*
Annette and David Alpert*
Ida Ascher*
Gladys and David Block*
Bradley Blose
Zea Borok
Renee Schor and Benjamin Boyd
Martha and Joseph Brod*
Brodie Price Fund
Sophie and Arthur Brody*
Carolyn Brooking
Hattie Brooks*
Howard W. Brotman*
Ruth and Arthur Cagan*
David Chalif
Ellen and Ingram* Chodorow
Toby and Howard Cohen
Betty and Melvin Cohn*
Estelle Addleson-Dunst and Lou Dunst*
Claire and David Ellman
Lynn and Bert* Epsten
Inge Feinswog
Mary Felix*
Pam and Walter Ferris
Esther and Arnold* Fischer
Sigrid and Jack Fischer*
Foster Family Fund
Carol and Ron* Fox
Ellen and Steven Fox
Joan and Guy* Gardner
Max M. and Jane V. Gauchman Trust
Dawn and Milton Gilman*
Jeanne and Rabbi Aaron S* Gold
Madeline and Milton Goldberg*
Frances and Sanford Goldman*
Louise and Boyd* Goldwyn
Carol and Mort Goodman*
Charlotte Haas*
Merrill and Robert Haimsohn
Ruth and James Harris*
Arthur Herzman and Eleanor B. Herzman*
Hannah Ruth and Arthur Heyman*
Herman Hindel*
Samuel Hindel*
Hymes Family*
Robin and Ronald Israel
Sonia and Andy* Israel
Cecelia and Benjamin Jacobson*
Gabrielle Joel*
Tauba and Sidney Kaderlan*
Jodie and Robert Kaplan and Family
Avra and Barry* Kassar, M.D.
Sofia and Leon Kassel
Ilse Katz*
Miriam and Jerome Katzin*
Karine Seigel Koplar and David Koplar
Trudi Kranitz
Miriam and Irving Krause*
Peter Lee*
Leichtag Family Foundation
Renée Levine
Teddie Lewis*
Zita and Morris* Liebermensch

* Of Blessed Memory
In formation 04/01/24

Marsha Moss Linehan and Robert Linehan
Loebl and Mann Families*
Elizabeth Lowen*
Florence Maio*
Angela and Arnold Margulis*
Joan and Arthur* Markovits
Ilse N. Meinhardt*
Silva Missler*
Marguerite and Allan* Morris
Jane and Robert Morse
Dina Moskowitz
George Nathan*
Arlene and Louis Navias
Jerome Niederman*
Becky and Larry* Newman
Harriet G. Newmark*
Linda and Larry Okmin
Sima and Joseph* Oppenheimer
Shirley and Joseph Opperman*
Jere G. Oren
Linda and Wayne Otchis
Clarice Owsley*
Roselyn and Stanley Pappelbaum, M.D.
Muriel Patchen*
Linda and Shearn* Platt
Morrie Pomeranz*
Cecil Popkin*
Seymour Rabin Trust
Barbara and Henry Reed*
Lois Richmond*
Jeannie and Arthur Rivkin*
Evelyn and Milton Roberts*
Muriel and Irving Roston*
Barbara and Norman Rozansky
Samisch Estate*
Gloria and Irving Schiffman*
Leah Shapov*
J. Howard Shelov
Dora K. Showel*
Anna and Avery Simon*
Rheta and Richard Simon*
Judith Harris* and Robert Singer, M.D.
Adelaide and Samuel Skier*
Ruth and Phillip Slonim*
Beverly Schmier*
Elene* and Herbert Solomon
Barbara and Mark Steinberg
Harold Stern*
Marcia Kern and James Stern
Dorothy B. Steyer*
Michael Stolper
Michael Stotsky, M.D.
Hilda and Harry Sugarman*
Gina Tapper
Libby and Meyer Taylor*
Mary Stuart Taylor and Robert Taylor*
Nancie and Richard Vann
Morton Vogelson Memorial Fund
Sharon and David Wax
Sylvia and Aaron* Wechter
Sheila and Dan Weinberg
Stuart R. Weiss, M.D.
Mary Lynn and Larry Weitzen
Alan S. Wexler*
Morton Winski*
Guddie and George Wixen*
Bebe and Marvin Zigman

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