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Legacy of Promise

Honor the ones who came before you, leave a legacy for the ones who come after you.

We thank our generous Legacy of Promise Donors who have named Seacrest Foundation in their estate plan.

Hannah Ruth and Arthur Heymann*
Herman Hindel*
Samuel Hindel*
Bess and Harry Agulnik*
Miriam and Irving Krause*
Hattie Brooks*
George Nathan*
Elizabeth Lowen*
Frances and Sanford Goldman*
Cecilia and Benjamin Jacobson*
Mary Stuart Taylor and Robert Taylor*
Leichtag Family Foundation
Harriet G. Newmark*
Jerome Niederman*
Clarice Owsley*
Barbara and Henry Reed*
Samisch Estate*
Leah Shapov*
Mary Felix*
Martha and Joseph Brod*
Adelaide and Samuel Skier*
Ida Ascher*
Hymes Family*
Ruth and Arthur Cagan*
Tauba and Sidney Kaderlan*
Libby and Meyer Taylor*
Anna and Avery Simon*
Robin and Ronald Israel
Betty and Melvin Cohn*
Sofia and Leon Kassel
Joan and Arthur* Markovits
Pam and Walter Ferris
Harold Stern*
Jeannie and Arthur* Rivkin
Morton Winski*
Toby and Howard Cohen
Jere G. Oren
Becky and Larry Newman
Madeline and Milton Goldberg*
Elene* and Herbert Solomon
Judith Harris* and Robert Singer, M.D.
David Chalif
Merrill and Robert Haimsohn
Muriel Patchen*
Florence Maio*
Cecil Popkin*
Hilda and Harry Sugarman*
Jodie and Robert Kaplan and Family
Gloria and Irving Schiffman*
Jane and Robert Morse
Marcia Kern and James Stern
Charlotte Haas*
Joan and Guy* Gardner
Loebl and Mann Families*
Ilse N. Meinhardt*
Peter Lee*
Brodie Price Fund
Michael Stolper
Francine and Marvin Agron
Arlene and Louis Navias
Judith Abeles and Beverly Miller
Sharon and David Wax
Gabrielle Joel*

* Of Blessed Memory
In formation 08/22/23

Mort Vogelson Memorial Fund
Linda and Shearn* Platt
Silva Missler*
Alan S. Wexler*
Evelyn and Milton Roberts*
Ellen and Ingram* Chodorow
Eleanor B. and Arthur Herzman*
Zita and Morris* Liebermensch
Howard W. Brotman*
Esther and Arnold* Fischer
Nancie and Rick Vann
Michael Stotsky, M.D.
Roselyn and Stanley Pappelbaum, M.D.
Max M. and Jayne V. Gauchman Trust
Avra and Barry* Kassar, M.D.
Annette and David Alpert*
J. Howard Shelov
Muriel and Irving Roston*
Guddie and George Wixen*
Ilse Katz*
Gina Tapper
Carol* and Morton Goodman
Rheta and Richard Simon*
Sophie and Arthur Brody*
Ellen and Ernest Addleson
Estelle Addleson-Dunst and Lou Dunst*
Dora K. Showel*
Stuart R. Weiss, M.D.
Miriam and Jerome Katzin*
Gladys and David Block*
Renee Schor and Benjamin Boyd
Sigrid and Jack Fischer*
Linda and Wayne Otchis
Seymour Rabin Trust
Ruth and Philip Slonim*
Carol and Ron* Fox
Carolyn Brooking
Teddie Lewis*
Sima and Joseph* Oppenheimer
Dina Moskowitz
Inge Feinswog
Foster Family Fund
Mary Lynn and Larry Weitzen
Renée Levine
Claire and David Ellman
Linda and Larry Okmin
Lynn and Bert* Epsten
Karine Seigel Koplar and David Koplar
Beverly Schmier*
Morrie Pomeranz*
Dorothy B. Steyer*
Sylvia and Aaron* Wechter
Marsha Moss Linehan and Robert Linehan
Louise and Boyd* Goldwyn
Zea Borok
Angela and Arnold Margulis*
Sonia and Andy* Israel
Barbara and Mark Steinberg
Bradley Blose
Trudi Kranitz
Marguerite and Allan* Morris
Dawn and Milton Gilman*
Shirley and Joseph Opperman*

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