Seacrest Village Wish List

You can make a difference for our residents

The Wish List is a frequently changing list that is composed of furniture, fixtures, and equipment that enhance the quality of life for all residents of Seacrest Village. This list includes gifts of medical equipment, religious articles, and lifestyle-enriching technology. Gifts of $2,500 to $24,999 are permanently recognized on the Sustaining Gifts Wall.

Below is a list of items that would be meaningful to residents:

Seacrest Village at Encinitas – Leichtag Foundation Campus

New 36-Passenger Bus
For transportation to outings and more!
3 gifts of $20,000
New Cinema / Theater Equipment
Bring the thrill of good a film to the residence
Bose Portable PA System (2 units)
For entertainment and music at parties and events on the Seacrest campus

Ellen & Ingram Chodorow Synagogue

Portable Ark
To bring synagogue services to outdoor patios and garden areas across the Seacrest Village communities
$15,000 Donated – Thank you!
Two High Quality Wireless Microphones
Help prayers come through crystal clear

Annette’s Village Square

Fire Pit and Patio Furnishings
Annette’s Village Square is a gathering place and social hub of Seacrest
$18,000  Donated – Thank you!

Leichtag Family Assisted Living Residence

Beauty Salon Furnishings & Equipment
A little pampering to help residents feel beautiful!
Resident Outings (San Diego Botanic Gardens Tour & Lunch Series)
Being in nature is scientifically proven to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and contribute to overall wellbeing

Joseph & Dorothy Goldberg Healthcare Center

Four (4) Chromebooks @ $200 each$800 Donated – Thank you!
iPad$350 Donated – Thank you!
Portable DVD player$100 Donated – Thank you!
The above will be used to provide non-pharmacological pain management measures to rehabilitation and custodial patients such as downloaded/online guided imagery and relaxation and meditation CDs 

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