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Seacrest Village Wish List

You can make a difference for our residents

The Wish List is a frequently changing list that is composed of furniture, fixtures, and equipment that enhance the quality of life for residents of Seacrest Village and clients of Seacrest at Home. This list includes gifts of medical equipment, religious articles, and lifestyle-enriching technology. Gifts of $2,500 to $24,999 are permanently recognized on the Sustaining Gifts Wall.

Below is a list of items that would be meaningful to residents:

Seacrest Sunday Symphony

Give the magic of music to residents in all levels of care, including those with limited mobility, enabling them to experience the uplifting power of live symphony by bringing the performances directly to Seacrest. Held on a series of Sundays in the beautiful Ellen & Ingram Chodorow Synagogue, your support will echo through the halls, making this joyful cultural experience possible for our seniors, creating lasting memories and enriching their lives. 

(Could be a multi-family gift  please call for additional information)


Leichtag Foundation Campus

New Cinema / Theater Equipment

Bring the joy of a good film to the residents.
(Could be a multi-family gift – three families at $8,000 each – please call for additional information)


“Rendever” Senior Virtual Reality Headsets/subscription

With Rendever, residents simply put on a headset, and they’re immediately transported into an immersive experience. They can travel to all corners of the world, together. Provide residents the ability to see their childhood home, travel, play games and more. Families can also add home videos for reflection/reminiscence. The experience is incredibly powerful, particularly among older adults experiencing cognitive decline, impaired vision, or mobility restrictions.

Starter Package: Two (2) Headsets and One (1) Tablet Controller

  • Implementation Cost:


  • Required three-year agreement (total cost for three years of service):


Help us get one step closer by contributing one of the above, or…

  • Make the entire wish come true:


NuStep Recumbent Cross Trainer

This exercise machine will be used by residents in the Fitness Center, Rehabilitation department, Assisted Living, and Independent Living communities. Residents in all levels of care will glow from a good workout!


 NordicTrack Recumbent Bike

Give residents another great option for safe, fun, and effective exercise in our very popular fitness center.


Eversound headsets and equipment plus a 1-year subscription – WISH GRANTED!

Eversound is an advanced listening system, designed for use in senior living communities, to enhance seniors’ ability to hear and focus and in turn, better communicate and engage in interactions and group activities. This gift will provide 10 Eversound headsets along with a 1-year subscription.


Resident Outings to the San Diego Botanic Gardens

Being in nature is scientifically proven to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and contribute to overall wellbeing – and our residents love these outings during each of the different seasons.


Armless, Cushioned Chairs for Group Fitness Classes

Provide residents with the comfort in the seat and back of the chair, with freedom to move and stability of armless chairs.

  • 20 chairs needed at $100 each


Furniture for Resident Recreation Room

Mahjong, Bridge, Canasta, Oh my! Our very popular rec room is in need of updated and more comfortable furniture: 3 game tables and 16 chairs.


Patio Furniture

Provide a serene space for residents to relax near the fireplace outside of The Esther & Bud Fischer Aquatics & Fitness Center. A popular spot to soak in some sun after a swim or a work-out.


Scholar in Residence/Lecture Series

Help bring more Jewish learning to our Seacrest community! Seacrest Village would love to bring scholars in from across the terrain of Jewish life. Join us in enriching the lives of our residents, their families, and the larger Jewish community by underwriting a scholar in residence or lecture series to be held on the Seacrest campus.


Leichtag Family Assisted Living Residence

Beauty Salon Furnishings & Equipment

A little pampering to help residents feel beautiful!


Cultural Enrichment Resident Outing Fund

Help residents expand their hearts and minds through experiencing local theater, music, and art. Funds needed for transportation, staff assistance, and tickets, so that everyone can have the opportunity to enjoy.


The Katzin Residence

The Tovertafel Magic Table  –  WISH GRANTED!

It’s Magic! Thanks do our donors, we now have a Tovertafel Magic Table.

Imagine coming to visit your loved one and catching butterflies, planting flowers, and creating art! The magic table is fun and engaging for all ages and promotes more joyful, social connection for seniors living with dementia.

The Tovertafel – Magic Table – is an immersive, interactive series of games projected on a flat surface like a table designed to engage residents with middle to late-stage dementia.  The magic table stimulates brain activity in a fun, playful manner while enhancing physical and social activity.  The games are composed of light animations that react to hand arm movements when projected onto a surface.



Joseph & Dorothy Goldberg Healthcare Center

Rolling Comfort Cart

Used to bring coffee, snacks, and special things to visiting families during difficult times.


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