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Legacy Stories

Honor the ones who came before you, leave a legacy for the ones who come after you.

Marguerite and Allan Morris

I was seven years old when the German army invaded France in June 1940. On May 13, 1941, my father was arrested, and he was sent to the camp Baune la Rolande. He was deported in July 1942 and died in Auschwitz.

 On July 15, 1942, my mother was warned to leave our home because the next day, we would also be arrested. We left and remained in hiding in Paris for a few days with one of my mother’s sisters and her two sons. My mother made arrangements to take us and a group of other people by taxi to a forest where we would be able to walk to the border of the “free zone.” We then settled in Oradour-sur-Vayres, a small village near Limoges. 

The living arrangements were very sparse, and we still faced many challenges, but until the Germans later occupied the “free zone,” we were safe. Unfortunately, in November 1942, the Germans occupied the cities in the “free zone,” and of course, we were terrified that they might raid our village at any time. Also, we occasionally had to travel to Limoges for necessary medical care, and we nearly got caught during one of these trips. 

Fortunately, my mother and I survived, but my father and many other members of my family did not. 

In July 1950, a shy, apprehensive, and somber seventeen-year-old Marguerite Kuperszmidt arrived in Akron, Ohio, and with the affectionate guidance of my American family, I began a new life. 

Approximately two years later, I married Allan, my loving lifetime companion. We have two sons, two granddaughters, two step grandsons, and six great grandchildren. We moved together to Seacrest Village in 2018 and enjoyed life in our new community better than we anticipated. After almost 70 loving years together, he passed away in 2022. I am grateful to be safe and surrounded by friends who feel like family at Seacrest and caring staff who were extremely supportive during my very sad and stressful time. 

The traumatic memories of my childhood will never be completely erased, but they have enabled me to treasure even more the fulfillment and unique privileges as a wife, mother, grandmother, and professional. As an American Jew, I enjoy a level of freedom and prosperity I could never have imagined as a child in France during World War II, and I hope I will never take this privilege for granted. 

Because of my survival and the values instilled by my courageous mother, I feel a profound obligation to contribute to Jewish life and support those in need. Through my involvement and leadership efforts in Jewish and Zionist causes, such as Na’amat, an organization that impacts the lives of so many needy Israeli families, and my spiritual home Fairmount Temple, a major reform congregation, I have strived to fulfill that obligation. I have served as President of Na’amat Cleveland Council and as a National Board member of Na’amat USA and also, as Finance Chair and Treasurer at Fairmount Temple. I have been told that I motivated others to become supporters as well. 

I am so grateful for my time living and enjoying the activities of Seacrest Village. It is important to me to help ensure the care and safety of future generations of residents at Seacrest so they may have the opportunity I have had. Therefore, I am proud to have made arrangements to include Seacrest Foundation in my estate plan and hope this outstanding home will thrive for generations to come.”   ~ Marguerite Morris, 2024

Like Marguerite and Allan, you can make a difference for future residents by considering a gift to Seacrest Foundation through your estate planning. Contact Robin Israel at (760) 516-2018 or  to learn more.

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