Seacrest Village: (760) 632-0081 

October 10, 2020

Dear Residents, Families, and Associates,

While this letter pertains to our Independent Living residents only, in the interest of full transparency we continue to share all information with all Seacrest residents and family members.

The past several days have been very challenging as we navigated our most recent situation of having an Independent Living resident test positive for COVID-19. Because the resident was not in the building when testing took place, and thus we did not administer the test ourselves, it was a bit more complicated than usual and took us time to gather all of the necessary data.

With the knowledge that we had, we worked as quickly as we could to see or speak with each of you. The first task, of course, was to communicate with and check the health of those who had recent contact with the resident. While we can always learn and grow from each experience, I am confident that we handled this as best as could be expected with the information that we had, and in the interest of keeping each of you protected. We appreciate how understanding you were and the support you gave us.

After consultation with one of the County of San Diego’s epidemiologists, I am very pleased to tell you that the Independent Living quarantine is over. All necessary testing has been completed and all tests are negative. We were also advised that additional testing next week will not be necessary. Many of you have asked and, in fact, many of you already know that our resident is back in the building, and she is healthy and well. While she will be in her apartment for several more days, we are grateful that she is home and remains asymptomatic.

To our Independent Living residents only:

All Life Enrichment and Fitness Programs will resume Monday, October 12. Our visiting program will resume Wednesday, October 14, so please email Kate Ferris at to schedule your visits.

To all our residents:

Although the Independent Living quarantine is over, we ask that you please remain on campus unless you have a medical appointment. Wash your hands often, wear your masks when opening your apartment door to receive meals or whenever you leave your apartment, and practice social distancing. Let this experience serve to show us the importance of using precautions.

Please know, too, that our Director of Spiritual Life, Rabbi Leah, is available and would be pleased to speak with you. Her direct line is (760) 632-3700 and her email is

To all our families:

We ask for your continued support by not coming into the buildings or onto the campus unless you are here to see your loved one for a pre-arranged scheduled visit or to drop items off at the main entrance. For visits with residents in all other buildings except our Independent Living Residence, please contact Jenny Jacobs at Please help us to keep our residents free from this virus.

It takes all of us working together, and your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Stay well,

Pam Ferris
President and CEO
The Melvin Garb Foundation Presidential Chair