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May 22, 2020

Dear Seacrest Residents, Families, and Associates,

As we approach the Memorial Day weekend, we want to thank you for the week behind us and say how fortunate we feel to have your continued support and understanding.

As we see San Diego opening up let us be mindful of what we are seeing in communities who have also begun opening. Certainly not everyone has the same level of risk tolerance but I can assure you that unnecessary risk is not something Seacrest is willing to take, as keeping our residents and staff well will always be our number one priority.

There is a lot of news about re-opening nursing homes. Until there is a well-articulated process and pathway from our local, state and federal advisors, Seacrest will continue current protocols. While there is also discussion that testing is plentiful, the reality is that it is not. Further, of the testing that is possible, nothing can give us the certainty that we need to keep our residents and staff safe. Right now, the most important tools that we have to prevent the spread of the disease are the same ones we have been using for the past two months: wearing masks when out of your living space, washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds several times a day and especially after returning to your living space, and practicing social distancing of 6-12 feet.

Our construction of the Main Kitchen for the campus continues and we are scheduled for completion in June. In the meantime, the Living Room outside of the Lee & Frank Goldberg Resident Court Dining Room will open this coming Tuesday, May 26th. While social distancing will be required and only five people at a time in each of the two rooms, we know this will be a welcome addition to the community.

This image shows Seacrest Village celebrating one of its residents' 94th birthday

Bernie Guss celebrates his 94th birthday with his socially-distanced family

Family visits are beginning and we are just as happy about this as you will be. This week we had a family visit for a very special birthday. It was a short visit but the emotion filled all of us and we look forward to many more. This program is starting first for our nursing home residents and will continue with the rest of the community shortly following.

We ask for your continued patience and understanding during this difficult time. We still have no known cases of the virus and are working very hard to keep it that way. With everyone doing their part, we continue to be hopeful.
I wish you a Shabbat Shalom and a good and safe holiday weekend,

Pam Ferris
President and CEO
The Melvin Garb Presidential Chair