Seacrest Village: (760) 632-0081 

January 26, 2021

Dear Residents and Families,

I am pleased to share with you that the Katzin Residence is now officially out of quarantine. Our staff will continue to wear PPE, and normal resident activities will resume.

On Thursday, January 28, CVS Health will be on campus to administer the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to our Katzin, Assisted Living, and Independent Living residents.

Included with this letter is a flyer authored by the CDC. It is an informative piece entitled “What to Expect after Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine.” We encourage you to review it before Thursday and call your physician if you have questions about the vaccine.  We are pleased to share that we will have additional staff available around the clock after each of the two vaccines is given, in the event you have an uncomfortable reaction. As a reminder, the second vaccine will be given February 18.

Despite receiving the vaccine, we will continue to require masks to be worn when not in your apartment, and when attending small group activities or walking the grounds. We understand the Stay-at-Home Order has been lifted, though still request that residents not leave the campus. Each time anyone leaves, it increases the risk to everyone when you return. We hope to resume our visiting program soon. We will be reopening the dining room in Independent Living this Friday, and intend to reopen our Beauty Salon this week.

We are one step closer to getting through the pandemic, though by no means, is it over. It will take all of us working together and we need everyone to do their part!

Lastly, it’s no secret these past several weeks have been our toughest since the pandemic began. I want to express my sincere gratitude for your on-going support, your kind responses, and words of encouragement. They truly mean a great deal to us all.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

All my very best,

Pam Ferris
President and CEO
The Melvin Garb Foundation Presidential Chair