Seacrest Village: (760) 632-0081 
December 25, 2021

Dear Residents, Families, and Associates,

Today is December, 25, 2021 and the following information pertains to our Goldberg Health Care Center, (GHC), ONLY.

I am sorry to inform you that late last evening, through a rapid test, another employee of the Goldberg Healthcare Center (GHC) tested positive, for the COVID-19 virus.

After receiving a grant from the state, we just recently started daily rapid testing of all healthcare staff prior to entering the units before shifts begin. The individual who tested positive last evening was sent home immediately and is presently asymptomatic, which we hope continues. The last day worked was December 23, 2021.

Due to the holiday, we will not be able to conduct PCR tests for all staff and residents of the GHC until Monday, December 27th. Contact tracing has begun, and, as mandated, we have reported this case to the County of San Diego.

At this time, all scheduled visits to those who reside in our nursing home must be postponed until we can administer PCR tests to residents and staff on Monday. After that, we hope that results will be forthcoming within 24-48 hours. While we know that everyone understands, we are terribly sorry for this situation, and we will continue to do everything we can to mitigate the spread of this virus.

Our GHC staff will continue to wear N95 masks and shields to protect themselves and our residents. We ask for your cooperation by continuing to wear masks, socially distance, and only be with those whom you know have been vaccinated, including a booster shot.

We are in this together and we need everyone’s help to get through this most challenging time.

Please feel free to email or call with questions. My direct line is 760-516-2020. You can leave a message and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

Once again, please know that the above visiting information pertains ONLY to those who reside in the Goldberg Healthcare Center (nursing home).

Best regards,

Pam Ferris
President and CEO
The Melvin Garb Foundation Presidential Chair