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Legacy Stories

Honor the ones who came before you, leave a legacy for the ones who come after you.

Mary Lynn & Larry Weitzen

“Mary Lynn and I have proudly supported Seacrest for over 25 years. I would like to acknowledge my grandma, Rose Glickman, who was one of the original “Jolly 16”. This group of women started the San Diego Hebrew Homes, which is now, of course, Seacrest Village. I first served on the San Diego Hebrew Homes Board of Trustees in 1992. During my service, we started the dream of creating a community to support those who needed a memory care environment. I never would have thought that 23 years later, my parents would become residents of The Katzin Residence, the Memory Care Community.

In 2015, my mother faced unexpected health challenges, and with the help of Pam Ferris, my parents moved to The Katzin Residence. What a blessing, and a relief, to have such a warm and safe environment for my parents. Prior to the pandemic, I would visit my parents five to six days a week. It was during these visits that I realized what a difficult job the staff has: to care for my parents and parents of our friends. It was also during these visits that I could see the love and compassion the staff has for all residents. The other residents and the staff became our extended family and we learned to visit with my father in new and creative ways, like over FaceTime and Zoom. The staff made it possible!

Mary Lynn and I remain devoted annual supporters as members of the 211 Club, which supports the Resident Assistance Fund. We attend the gala, I play in the golf tournament, and we make an additional annual contribution to support the Employee Recognition Fund.

My mom passed four years ago, and just this May, my dad also left us. With the unwavering support of the staff, I was given the blessing of being with my father until his last breath. It was a morning filled with tears, not just within my family but also among the staff who had cared for and loved my father in his final years. They facilitated my father’s transition with the utmost respect and, most importantly, profound love. While I said goodbye to my father that morning, but my love for the staff continues in my heart to this day.

We realized we could have an even greater impact and leave a legacy for Seacrest by including Seacrest Foundation in our estate plan, and we have proudly made those arrangements.

We encourage you all not only to support Seacrest during the year, but to consider a legacy gift to help ensure the care and safety of future generations.

Thank you, Seacrest, and thank you to all of you who will make a meaningful contribution to this remarkable organization.”   ~ Larry Weitzen, 2023

Like Mary Lynn & Larry, you can make a difference for future residents by considering a gift to Seacrest Foundation through your estate planning. Contact Robin Israel at (760) 516-2018 or  to learn more.

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