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Legacy Stories

Honor the ones who came before you, leave a legacy for the ones who come after you.

Marcia Kern and Marty Stern

“We both come from families deeply rooted in Jewish community engagement, a tradition we’ve carried forward in our own lives. Both sets of our parents were instrumental in founding synagogues and actively participated in various Jewish initiatives, and we are also proud to be founding members of our synagogue.

Marcia’s parents were Rosalie and Harvey Kern. Rosalie was president of the Women’s Auxiliary at the San Diego Hebrew Home for the Aged, as it was called in those days. Marcia was also involved as a teenager in caring for our community’s elderly. I was a candy striper at the 54th street Hebrew Home location for years and I fondly remember the experience.

Rosalie and Harvey later became residents of Seacrest Village, where we cherished moments spent visiting them. As the child of Holocaust survivors, Marty’s personal connection to Seacrest’s mission runs deep. We are passionate about supporting Seacrest Foundation, ensuring that the exceptional care that benefited us and our loved ones will continue for future generations. Our decision to include Seacrest Foundation in our estate plan reflects our commitment to preserving this legacy of love and care for future residents. We envision a future where the elderly in our Jewish community and beyond can experience the same loving, Jewish home environment that Marcia’s parents cherished, and that countless others have enjoyed. It is our honor to play a role in securing this critical care for generations to come.”   ~ Marcia Kern and Marty Stern, 2024

Like Marcia and Marty, you can make a difference for future residents by considering a gift to Seacrest Foundation through your estate planning. Contact Robin Israel at (760) 516-2018 or  to learn more.

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