Seacrest Village: (760) 632-0081 

May 5, 2020

Dear Seacrest Residents, Families, and Associates,

Today’s communication brings information that we are very pleased to share with you.

As you know, when we received information on April 29 that we had an employee in the culinary department test positive for COVID-19 we immediately informed you. We learned at that time that the last day of work for that employee was Friday, April 24. Per CDC recommendations, this began our 14-day monitoring period which ends this Friday, May 8th.

On April 30 and May 1, we began testing employees in the culinary department as well as several residents in the independent living community. A total of 100 tests were administered to the culinary staff and the IL residents who had contact with the employee. To date, of the initial 100 tests, we have received 51 results, all of which are negative.

On Monday May 4, when additional kits were received, an additional 15 residents and 8 staff were tested. We will share these results with you as soon as we receive them.

For the safety of our residents, and out of deep respect for the dedicated staff who are working on the front lines to ensure our care and services continue, we earnestly request that you please abide by the following guidelines for a bit longer:


  • When you leave your home/apartment, you must wear a mask.
  • When you leave your home/apartment, you must social distance. YOU MUST stay AT LEAST six-feet apart.
  • You are encouraged to conduct your daily activities (mail, walks, laundry, etc) but please, DO NOT congregate with others in close proximity.
  • Please make every attempt to wash your hands as frequently as possible. You cannot wash them too much.
  • If ANY Residents or staff are feeling flu-like symptoms, YOU MUST notify your building director or supervisor immediately


  • Please continue to utilize the item drop-off station at the main entrance and REFRAIN from visits at that time. Please, please, please maintain social distancing and wear a mask when dropping off items.

As you are aware, some businesses have reopened. We believe this will cause a false sense of hope. Predictions are that more cases will surface and many more will be affected by this virus. Please know that regardless of what the greater community does in response to COVID-19, our focus continues to remain on the health and well-being of our own Seacrest community. Our staff are our heroes, our residents are our greatest priority, and our mission has never been more meaningful.

Please continue to stay strong with us. We understand the immense strain this puts on everyone. We will provide updates regularly. Provided Friday arrives with no positive results we will begin evaluating steps to cautiously ease some restrictions. If you have any questions, please let us know.


Pam Ferris

President and CEO

Melvin Garb Presidential Chair