Seacrest Village: (760) 632-0081 

July 27, 2021

Dear Residents, Families and Associates,
I’m sorry to inform you that we received a positive test result for the COVID-19 virus from an employee who works in the Culinary Department and only in our Goldberg Health Care Center. The employee, who is vaccinated, last worked this morning.
Effectively immediately, all family visits to the Goldberg Health Care Center (our skilled nursing facility) only will need to be postponed until we have a chance to test all residents and staff who live and work in that building.
Family visits for those who reside in any other buildings will be allowed based on the visiting protocols identified in my previous correspondence.
As you have heard before, when new situations arise, we will act quickly and continue to do everything possible to protect our residents and staff. Your patience and cooperation are most appreciated as we complete our contact tracing and testing and continue to respond to the unpredictability of this virus.
If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your building director.
Please be safe everyone.
Best regards, 

Pam Ferris
President and CEO
The Melvin Garb Foundation Presidential Chair