Seacrest Village: (760) 632-0081 

February  26, 2021

Dear Seacrest Residents and Family Members,

I hope this finds you well. We’ve been quite busy at Seacrest getting the vaccine administered to our beloved residents and associates. I am pleased to report that 99% of our residents and 85% of our staff elected to take the vaccine. So, what happens next?

This letter is intended to provide you with information as to how we plan to move forward with our operations in the near future. Please understand that should events change at Seacrest or in the greater community, revisions to these new protocols may be necessary.

Family Visits

Outdoor visitation with the use of masks at our designated visitation stations, will resume on Thursday March 11th for those residents who received their second vaccine shot on or before February 18th. Those who receive their 2nd vaccine shot on March 11th may resume after April 1st. At the present time, no visitors are permitted inside any of the buildings. We hope this can resume at a future date.

To schedule visits, please contact:
Kate Ferris at for IL residents or call 760-632-3704.
Jenny Jacobs at for all other visits or call 760-516-2007.

Zoom Information

Our Zoom program will continue so please consider using it, especially if you are not local or are unable to visit personally. It’s a wonderful opportunity to stay connected to your loved ones and has certainly proven to be extremely popular throughout the pandemic.

To schedule Zoom calls, please contact:
Katie Park at for Independent Living and Goldberg Health Care Center residents
JoJo Mitrano at for Assisted Living residents
Carly Gutner-Davis at for Katzin residents


Monthly testing of residents and staff will continue and accelerate if a positive COVID 19 case is identified. Those who work or live in the Goldberg Health Care Center may be tested more frequently, depending on requirements determined by the State of California.


In the past, anyone with COVID-19 symptoms was expected to isolate and inform their building director so a test could be administered. If anyone tested positive, they were required to isolate for 14 days. However, the recent direction from the CDC indicates that individuals fully vaccinated and post 3-weeks will no longer be required to quarantine even if they have been in contact with someone who is COVID-19 positive and are asymptomatic. To that end, residents will not be required to quarantine after the leaving the building overnight.


Our policy regarding the use of masks will remain in place. Residents and staff must wear masks while in the building or outside walking the grounds. Residents will be required to always wear masks in the dining room except while eating and drinking.

Dining Program

Our AL & IL dining rooms will be open for 3 meals starting Monday, March 15th. At this time, meal plan options that were previously selected will be reinstated for those who reside in Independent Living. Room tray deliveries will temporarily be an option. However, starting April 1st, the tray delivery policy will resume and the fee for this service will be in effect. The Katzin and Goldberg Health Care Center residents will continue to have dining options appropriate for their safety and per health department guidance.

Leaving the Campus

Residents who have received their second COVID-19 vaccination (2 shots of either Pfizer or Moderna) more than 3 weeks ago, may leave the campus. We ask that you always wear a mask and continue to socially distance and wash your hands frequently. There is still a very serious threat of COVID-19 in San Diego County, and we need to be very mindful that taking these precautions is extremely important.

Card and Board Games/Larger Activity Group Sizes

Games among residents may resume March 11th which is the 3-week post-vaccine date. Please use hand sanitizer and wash your hands before and after card games. It is also necessary to wear your masks. As for group activities, we will enlarge the group size as long as we can maintain a fair amount of physical distance between residents. Masks will also be required for larger group activities.

Religious Services

Effective Saturday March 6th, our Sabbath Services will resume for residents in our Ellen & Ingram Chodorow Synagogue for those who wish to attend services in person. Although these services will continue to be streamed online and on our Seacrest TV channel, we strongly encourage residents to attend live services with others in our community. It will be necessary to socially distance and wear your mask at all times during services.

Should anything change based upon events at Seacrest Village or the greater community, you will hear from us. As we enter this slow and careful journey, we ask for your patience and cooperation. Please remember that even after receiving the vaccine, it is still important to wear our masks, socially distance and wash our hands frequently. Lastly, please don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions or concerns.

Most sincerely,

Pam Ferris
President and CEO
The Melvin Garb Foundation Presidential Chair