Seacrest Village: (760) 632-0081 

August 31, 2022

Dear Residents, Families, and Staff,

We are pleased to share the direction we are moving regarding visitation on the Seacrest campus. In doing so, our greatest concern is keeping our residents and staff as safe as possible. We are counting on everyone working together so that this occurs in everyone’s best interest.

While outside visits are still preferable, guests are now welcome to visit all buildings, including rooms and apartments, without making a reservation. We ask that you test before entering the building, as this has proven to be effective on more than one occasion. Please know that in our Joseph & Dorothy Goldberg Healthcare Center, if there are two people in the room, there may be an occasion where a room visit is not possible. In that instance, the nursing staff will work with you to determine the best place for your visit to occur.

With these changes we ask you to be mindful that we have a most vulnerable population, and it is incumbent upon each of us to do everything possible to keep one another safe. No one wants to feel responsible for the compromised health and safety of another person for lack of following protocol. Further, if you are not feeling well or have any symptoms, we ask that you please postpone your visit. In addition, if you have had COVID in the past 14 days, please wait to visit until after the full 14 days. These requests are made as important reminders that each of us can make an enormous impact on the lives of others.
For those who enter our campus unvaccinated we ask you to please wear as protective a mask as possible. We have many residents who are uncomfortable knowing that someone may be unvaccinated on the campus, which they consider their home, and we want to assure them that we have implored everyone to wear as protective a mask as possible.

In addition, while visits can happen at any time, we ask that you be mindful of mealtimes and other important times, i.e., when your loved one may be receiving therapy treatments, showers, etc.


Joseph & Dorothy Goldberg Healthcare Center:

It is best to visit between 9AM-5PM and if you do, please enter through the Joseph & Dorothy Goldberg Healthcare Center main entrance. Please check in using our kiosk and to test. We also understand that work schedules and other commitments make it difficult to visit during the day. As such, visitors who arrive after 5PM need to check in at main entrance of the campus off Saxony Lane where someone will welcome you and assist you with testing.

Lee & Frank Goldberg Residence Court, Leichtag Family Assisted Living Residence, and The Katzin Residence:

All visitors should continue to go to the main entrance of the campus off Saxony Lane. We ask that you please check in using our kiosk and to test.
Masks are still required on the campus. We ask that you properly wear an N95, KN95, or surgical mask. In addition, today we learned the FDA authorized updated coronavirus booster shots targeting Omicron subvariants. We will be scheduling clinics as soon as possible as we have previously done.
We also know that the High Holy Days are fast approaching. Please expect another letter soon regarding those details.
We thank you for your support, confidence, and partnership in making this transition. There is nothing more that we want than for our residents to be with friends and family, and with your help, we will do this in the safest way possible.

Best regards,

Pam Ferris
President and CEO
The Melvin Garb Foundation Presidential Chair