Seacrest Village: (760) 632-0081 

August 10, 2021

Dear Residents, Families, and Associates,

I am writing with an update to our recent quarantines. Each building will be addressed below. Please carefully read what pertains to you.

Independent Living Residence: We are pleased to report that the Fitness Center will reopen today, Tuesday, August 10th. Those residents who were potentially exposed last week after our Fitness Center employee tested positive for the COVID-19 virus can immediately resume their normal activities, including returning to the dining room.

Assisted Living Residence: As you know, Saturday, August 7th, an employee who works in Assisted Living tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. All residents and staff will be tested today, August 10th. If all test results are received early Wednesday, and all are negative, we will reopen the Assisted Living Residence on Wednesday, August 11th.  All residents will be able to resume normal activities immediately, including returning to the dining room. We will update you with the results of the above on Wednesday morning.

Goldberg Healthcare Center-our skilled nursing unit: We are pleased to report that the recent 14-day quarantine which was required by the California Department of Public Health after one of our culinary staff tested positive for the COVID-19 virus, has been lifted.

Effective today, our visiting program will resume. The Governor’s Visiting Mandate due to the rise in COVID-19 cases and the Delta variant, requires the following visiting protocols to be in place.

  1. Visits will be scheduled Sunday through Friday only, from 10am-4pm.
  2. To schedule a visit, please email Jenny Jacobs at or call 760-516-2007.
  3. Visitors must check-in outside the entrance to the Goldberg Healthcare Center. Temperatures will be taken and proof of vaccination will be required.
  4. Scheduled visits will only occur outside of the GHC main entrance or just inside the lobby, with the use our visiting stations.
  5. If you are unvaccinated, your visit must occur outside and you may not enter the building. In addition, unvaccinated visitors must also have tested negative within 72 hours of a visit and show proof of negative test.
  6. If visitors arrive before their scheduled time, they will be asked to wait until it is their turn and the resident is brought to the lobby.
  7. Visitors may not go beyond the lobby door to the inside corridor.
  8. We will provide all visitors with KN95 masks which must be worn during the entire visit. Cloth masks are not allowed.
  9. Anyone not following masks and social distancing protocols using our visiting stations, will be asked to leave.

California is currently experiencing the fastest increase in COVID-19 cases during the entire pandemic with 11.2 new cases per 100,000 people per day, with case rates increasing fivefold within two months.  If you know anyone who is not yet vaccinated, please share this information and encourage them to make an informed decision.

Please be safe everyone.

Best regards,

Pam Ferris
President and CEO
The Melvin Garb Foundation Presidential Chair