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May 22, 2020

It’s hard to believe that we are already into the 10th week of our stay-at-home order. How are you managing?

We hope you, and everyone you love, are as well as can be.

We truly understand how heart-breaking it is not being able to hug our loved ones. We are in this together. We will keep encouraging one another, and we want to send you some good news this Shabbat.

We feel so blessed that Seacrest’s supporters, friends, neighbors and even strangers have shown such tremendous kindness during this pandemic. This outpouring of support has demonstrated the love our community has for the residents of Seacrest Village and the clients of Seacrest at Home. We want to share some of the random acts of kindness that Seacrest has experienced.

Children from around the San Diego Jewish community, with and without relatives at Seacrest, have created beautiful art pieces, letters, and cards and mailed them to Seacrest residents:

We were so touched by the generosity of one of Seacrest’s neighbors who donated 50 3ply masks for use in the Joseph and Dorothy Goldberg Healthcare Center. Seacrest feels truly humbled by this unanticipated—but greatly appreciated—gesture of support:

Another neighbor, Franco’s Flowers, provided the gorgeous white roses that were distributed to all of the ladies at Seacrest on Mother’s Day. The quality and beauty were unsurpassed and brought smiles to all:

Seacrest residents continue to enjoy a wide variety of “social distance” fitness classes in the Esther & Bud Fischer Aquatics and Fitness Center:

Seacrest Village’s Director of Nursing, Nancy Strassner, is pictured in the “Front Line Heroes in the Region” in this week’s San Diego Union-Tribune! Thank you, Nancy, for your leadership, passion, and for doing all you can to keep Seacrest’s residents safe.

Seacrest stands by its mission to protect and keep each of the residents, clients, and staff safe, and they can only do that with your support.

We thank our community for supporting Seacrest Foundation’s Covid-19 Emergency Fund. We recognize more than ever the need to support Seacrest’s front-line workers and residents. As of April, 21 senior care communities in San Diego are now affected by the virus, Seacrest is keenly aware of the importance of following the safety codes.

We need your help to cover the cost of the following:

  • Seacrest is still in need of additional Personal Protective Equipment for staff.
  • Seacrest continues to provide meals to all staff members while they are at work, which is a tremendous expense, but Seacrest believes minimizing the chance of exposure at grocery stores for employees is necessary.
  • Frequent testing will be required and is costly.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are certainly extra-special days at Seacrest, as we honor “the ones who came before us.” We hope all the mother’s and grandmother’s felt loved on Mother’s Day. Father’s Day is on Sunday, June 21 – one month away!

If you would like to send a Seacrest Foundation Tribute Card for Father’s Day to a cherished person who is a resident at Seacrest, as a special addition this year, your card will be hand-delivered along with a freshly baked cookie on Sunday, June 21.

Happy Father’s Day to all who are celebrating!


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V’Ahavta Lereiacha Kamocha–treat your friend as you would treat yourself.

Shabbat Shalom,

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Robert Haimsohn
Seacrest Foundation

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Robin P. Israel, MPA
Chief Foundation Officer
Arthur & Sophie Brody Philanthropy Chair